Building Trigger

The Trigger story began on a family tubing trip to Wilmot Mountain.  On the ride up, the idea of buying a building seemed crazy.  On the drive back we were searching the web for properties.  Ahh, the powers of tubing at Wilmot!

2810 West Addison was literally the first place we found online and the first place we saw in person.  It was a hot mess. The whole place smelled like cigarettes from 1964 and it was basically falling apart - from the stained ceiling tiles to the mountains of crap in the back warehouse.  it was love at first sight.

We asked a lot of people to take a look at it and most of them said "STAY AWAY".  But Julie and I are nothing if not persistent.  One expert after another assured us that, regardless of its appearance, the guts were good.  So we dove in.

Here's a video of one of our earliest walkthrus.  

From those humble beginnings we built and built and built.  Here is a collection of "before & after" pics of the space taken, for the most part, from the same spot in the space.